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20 Absolutely Glorious Mediterranean Wine Cellar Designs You’ll Go Crazy For

Sometimes, storing all the wine in your home can’t be done by simply using a wine rack or two. If you are a passionate wine lover, then chances are you have lots of different wine collections that you like tasting every now and then with or without company. In that case, a simple wine rack will not suffice, especially if you want to create a separate wine tasting section in your home.
The solution? An entire cellar devoted to storing, displaying and tasting your favorite wines. It certainly does sound like a luxurious addition for the home because it is. Just like anything else of its style, the Mediterranean wine cellar design is shining with luxury and elegance unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we want to show you 20 Absolutely Glorious Mediterranean Wine Cellar Designs You’ll Go Crazy For. Check them out below because these designs are truly a sight that you need to see. There’s simply nothing more that can be told to describe the luxury and elegance with which they are built. They are too opulent even for the rest of the Mediterranean interiors in our showcase such as the hallway and staircase. Enjoy!

1. Natural wood, stainless steel and glass wine cellar

20 Absolutely Glorious Mediterranean Wine Cellar Designs Youll Go Crazy For

2. Mediterranean wine cellar

20 Absolutely Glorious Mediterranean Wine Cellar Designs Youll Go Crazy For

3. Wine cellar with solid wood and glass door and custom millwork

4. Florencia Model

5. 165 Emerald Bay, Laguna Beach

6. Santa Barbara

7. DC Ranch

8. Lafayette Wine Cellar

9. Calistoga Residence

10. Mediterranean Wine Cellar

11. Grand Prato Estate

12. Villa Ponton

13. Vaquero Spanish Revival

14. Mediterranean Wine Cellar

15. Low Country Riverfront

16. Tuscan style in California

17. Carmel Valley Italian Country Estate

18. Desert Retreat at Silverleaf

19. Newport Beach

20. 326 Bellaire Blvd.

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Root Cellar Project - Door finished and backfill complete

Root Cellar Project - Door finished and backfill complete | by Neuheimer

This was taken just after finishing the doors and the jambs with spar urethane. The natural color of the wood really came through just by applying the clear urethane. It's evident when you compare it to the previous photo in this set.

The backfilling is also complete and the cellar is ready for use. We had to add two retaining walls out front on either side in order to hold back the amount of backfill that was necessary. Fortunately, I had some small boulders in the woods nearby that we could use to build the walls. I'll touch up the backfill in spring after it settles and plant some groundcover to keep the erosion to a minimum.

This was a fun project, but I'm glad it's finally finished. Now I can start my woodshed.......

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superimpose designs an exclusive wine cellar atop genesis beijing's office tower

superimpose designs an exclusive wine cellar atop genesis beijing's office tower

superimpose architecture has designed an exclusive members club and hidden wine cellar for a wine enthusiast. the project is situated at the top floor of one of beijing’s latest and most high-end tower developments, the genesis community. genesis beijing is a mixed-use development combining a hotel, offices, gardens and a museum by japanese architect tadao ando. the member’s club will only be accessible to a private and selected group of members.

all images by marc goodwin

the member’s club is where the client organizes gatherings and stores and consumes his valuable wine and tea collection. chinese based design studio superimpose architecture‘s project is divided by a central element creating two distinctive worlds: the client’s office space and the private club. associates enter through a hidden pivot-door into the exclusive club that instantly offers spectacular views over beijing’s embassy and financial districts. the golden stainless steel central element subtly reflects the skyline and naturally forms a backdrop of the entire member’s club.

the client organizes gatherings and stores and consumes his valuable wine and tea collection

a segment of the central divider is constructed with dark-mirrored glass which reflects the skyline and hides the ‘sky cellar’. this piece has been designed to be a reinterpretation of the traditional wine cellar. members access the hidden exclusive area through the automated sliding glass doors. the 25 sqm cellar stores up to 500 bottles of wine from six famous regions around the world — bordeaux, rhone valley, burgundy, napa valley, mosel and barolo. during day time, the mirrored glass doors hide the wine cellar and protects it from direct sunlight. the mirror doors allow members to admire both the wine and skyline whilst being inside the cellar. at sunset and during evening hours, it lights up and reveals the 500 wine bottles to the main space.

the 25 sqm cellar stores up to 500 bottles of wine from six famous regions

an abstract representation of the six wine regions is installed underneath a glass floor with automated light. superimpose architecture has designed the maps and constructed them by using concrete ash mud for the topography and stainless steel for the rivers. within the stainless-steel shelves, an acrylic base is being used and designed in such a way that it allows for multiple storing positions of the wine bottles. bottles can be displayed and stored either stacked or inclined to display the bottle etiquette. at the same time the acrylic base allows for an optimized light distribution inside the wine cellar.

bottles can be displayed and stored either stacked or inclined to display the bottle etiquette
the collection consists of wine bottles from bordeaux, rhone valley, burgundy, napa, mosel and barolo
an abstract representation of the six wine regions is installed underneath a glass floor with automated light
during day time, the mirrored glass doors hide the wine cellar
the member’s club will only be accessible to a private and selected group of members
the exclusive member’s club instantly offers spectacular views over beijing’s embassy and financial districts

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Infant Changing Table with 3 Basket Hamper Diaper Storage

Mantel with drawer.
Mantel with drawer (close-up).
Double straps on Halloween mantel.
Fireplace mantel with stocking rod.
Log cabin mantel with metalwork.
Mantel with straps and single ring.
Fancy ironwork on rustic mantel.
Log cabin mantel with metalwork. (close-up)
Installed mantel with straps and rings.
Mantel with metal inlay and buttons.
Mnatel with metal inlay (close-up).
Rustic Mantel with unique ironwork.
Another mantel shelf with rings.
Mantel with stock rod (close-up).
Iron Strapped hand hewn mantel.
Iron strapped mantel.
Mantel shelf with strap and ironwork.
Mantel with fancy straps and ring.
Mantel with Greene-and-Greene straps.
Mantel with Christmas stockings.
Mantel with fireplace poker.
Mantel with wrought iron stocking rod.
Mantel with wrought iron ivy.
Mantel with simple buckle strap.
Double layer straps and rings.
Mantel with double layer straps and rod.
Stone fireplace with hewn mantel.
Mantel with metal straps and rings.
Hand hewn mantel with corbels, metal straps, and metal accents.
Hand hewn mantel with corbels, metal straps, and metal accents.
Wrought iron Christmas stocking rod end.
1800s vintage hand hewn mantel with hand forged iron straps and rings.
1800s vintage hand hewn mantel with hand forged iron straps and rings.
Halloween decorations on a log cabin mantel with iron straps and rings.
All the Halloween decorations are our out on this mantel.
Stocking rod hammered ends.
Metal ring for rustic mantel.

Once we understand the general look of the mantel and ironwork that you are trying to achieve, we look for a suitable mantel. You can browse mantel beams and mantel shelves that are already completed, or we can start from a raw beam. We have 100s of raw beams available — many of which are photographed and ready for convenient online selection.

We will draw the mantel and metalwork up on the computer so that we can make sure that we’re all on the same page and have the right proportions. Fixed pricing will be provided up front so that there are no surprises. From there, our blacksmiths will add the metal to your mantel. We then clean-up his work and apply a final finish. We take lots of pictures so that you can see our work.

We ship via FedEx ($75 to $100) or LTL Truck Freight (~ $250), depending on the size of the mantel.

Please contact us at antiqueww@gmail.com or call 888-350-4790 to discuss your specific project. (Note, we are a small mom and pop artisan shop. We don’t always catch the phone while working in our workshop. We do reply to emails every morning and evening. Thank you for your understanding.)

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60 Best Fireplace Mantel Ideas and Enhancing Tips

Fireplace mantels are usually the centerpiece of the spaces they stay in. Learn ways to take advantage of them with these fireplace mantel concepts. Like with any display, a mantel screen requires a particular quantity of equilibrium and also proportion. Don’t simply randomly location things. No matter what you place on it, keep these tips in mind.

  • Usage items of different sizes and shapes. Beginning with taller items at the back and use smaller sized products as you function your method onward.
  • Do not hesitate to layer items before each various other. Actually, it’s a smart idea since it creates depth. Remember, it’s not a photograph and individuals won’t constantly be taking a look at it straight-on. Things in the foreground ought to overlap those in the back.
  • If you’re a fan of symmetry, the attempted and true formula that always functions is to put one huge item between (such as a dish of flowers) and after that flank each side with matching items (develop a mirror image).
  • When making use of multiple products always utilize weird numbers. For example, 3 candle holders as opposed to two, or five bud flower holders as opposed to 4. This chooses almost every little thing in enhancing: when it involves groups, probabilities are far better than evens.
  • For an official look, support the mantel with matching items on each side.
  • Try not to use a totally random selection of products. Discover things that compliment each various other either with shade, design or motif. The things need to link to every other in some way.
  • Balance doesn’t need to mean matching. A number of light-weight things on one side could be balanced with one visually hefty item on the various other.
  • To actually produce focus and promote an item, place one large thing in the facility.
  • Don’t jam-pack! Don’t put so many items on that particular the mantel looks cluttered or crowded. Give the things taking a breath space or they’ll get shed in the mess.

A few of these fireplace mantel ideas, specifically those taking care of equilibrium and percentage can appear complex, however they’re truly not. Your eye will certainly inform you if something does not work. Just maintain experimenting up until you locate it pleasing to take a look at. The actually essential thing to bear in mind is that no display is permanent. You can always relocate points about and also have fun with the setup.

Do not know just what to put on your mantel? Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Picture frames
  • Candlesticks
  • Statues
  • Vases
  • Clocks
  • Mint Julep mugs
  • Attractive boxes
  • Mounted prints, paintings, as well as mirrors (lean them versus the back wall for a laid-back look, after that layer smaller sized pieces before them).
  • Ornamental plates (on stands).
  • Heaps of books.
  • Darkness boxes with intriguing products installed on them.
  • Collections.
TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

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Gothic-inspired pool house in Nashville showcases a cellar for wine-lovers


This stunning pool house and wine cellar project was designed by interior design studio Beckwith Interiors, located in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to being an interior designer and creating her product line, Jamie has a showroom in Nashville where she has curated design products that are unique, beautiful and innovative. The pool house was designed on the grounds of her own house which is a Gothic-style estate, as a place for her out-of-town guests to stay and as an entertaining area for family barbeques and hosting charity events.

Beckwith used the pool house as an opportunity to experiment with innovative ideas that she had contrived as well as incorporating unique products that she has designed. The house is chock-full of unexpected textures, which includes wood tile flooring, murals, travertine walls and furnishings and rugs that can withstand three young children and guests that are damp from a dip in the pool. The interiors feature Gothic touches which are inspired by the main house, which is a more traditional Gothic style. The pool house has been more modernized with touches of Gothic mixed with cleaner lines.

Above: The fireplace wall is surfaced with travertine stone, sleek and contemporary but warm at the same time.
Above: The vibrant yellow kitchen counters are 3-Form Chroma in Marigold Yellow, a resin that is under-lit, found here.
Above: This unique and sculptural light fixture in the kitchen is Cicatrices De Luxe 5 Pendant Light, found here.

What We Love: This amazing pool house is spread out over three levels, offering everything a guest could need to feel pampered and right at home. Beautifully design spaces offers luxurious touches, including the striking walnut freestanding tub in one of the women’s bathrooms. With separate bathrooms catered to men and women, a steam room can accommodate all guests. This fully equipped pool house offers a spacious kitchen, living / dining room and a formal sitting area with a glass floor overlooking a fabulous wine cellar!

Readers, please share with us in the Comments what you think of this incredible pool house and wine cellar. We here at One Kindesign would love to read your feedback!


Above: Most of the fabrics used throughout the pool house are indoor/outdoor, so guests keep their wet bathing suits on when they sit on the furnishings. The flooring is an epoxy, impervious to scratches and staining.

Above: The floor is covered with an ivory patched-cowhide rug that can take abuse from wet feet, perfect for a pool house.

Above: This mosaic wall is made from western red cedar called “Projection,” it’s another product that Jamie created for her collection.


Above: Large-scale artwork was selected for their graphic nature and to add bold punches of yellow throughout as well as to match the proportions of the large walls and open floor plan.

Above: The designer turned to sunny yellow in the otherwise mostly neutral palette.

Above: This staircase continues the Gothic style with a solid wood railing that incorporates dramatic spires. The circles under the hand rail and the custom acrylic light adds modern touches to this traditional style.


Above: The wine cellar was designed so that it could be viewed from above, so all details had to look good from every viewing angle. The wood had to be finished from above and lighting wiring had to be tucked away. The glass floor has a retractable screen when not entertaining to minimize light exposure on the wine.


Above: A maximum of 2,000 bottles can be stored in these futuristic Gothic arches, composed of acrylic and illuminated by LED lighting. The material used on the floor is called Mosaic, a patterned wood block that is finished after installation.

Above: This nook just off the wine cellar is used mainly as a cozy spot for wine tastings.
Above: A private guest lounge is located upstairs.
Above: This large bathroom is on the main level with the living area and kitchen, perfect for rinsing off after a swim.

Above: The bathtub is solid walnut with birdseye maple inlay trim, another of Jamie’s creations. The tub is inspired by luxury wooden yachts, made entirely of wood and sanded with several layers of polyurethane for a shiny, smooth finish.

Above: The stunning arboreal walls in the bathroom were hand-painted by a Nashville artist.

Photos: Kim Sargent

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